The Smart Way to Get
Your Pest Control Company on TV
Pest Control Operators: Now there’s an easy way for you to get your company on TV without the usual cost... We have already produced the content, and will customize our commercials and infomercials to feature your business! This turn-key system gives you a simple 3-step process:

Step 1:  Lock in your Exclusive Territory. For a low license fee, we set you up as the only pest control company that can use our commercials within your TV market area. Most of the TV market areas cover a wide area, so your exclusive rights span across a large geographic territory and include many broadcast and cable TV outlets. Check out this map to find your market among the 200+ broadcast TV market areas in the United States.

Step 2:  We customize the commercials to feature your business, and include this service as part of the license fee. We add your logo and contact info, revise the announcer script, and add any video shots of your technicians and/or vehicles that you provide. Click on the screenshots shown below to see examples of the commercials and infomercial that we will customize to become your spots, sponsored by you, and featuring only your company within your market area.

Here's an example half-hour infomercial called "How to Pest Proof Your Home". As the sole sponsor for this show, your company name appears throughout the program, as the local expert for pest control problems in your market area.

This 60-second ad features Richard the Roach, who's plans to infest a home are foiled by the sponsoring pest control company.

This 60-second ad includes a high-tech intro with a "heads up" display that detects bugs in the house.

Here's a 30-second ad with animated characters and 3D graphics.

Step 3:  We help you place the spots on local broadcast and cable TV. Did you know that you can find 30-second air time for less than $10 in some markets, and half-hour air time for under $200? And, with new "Connected TV" advertising methods, you can buy ads aimed at only viewers that meet your target customer profile. We show you how to buy the time, or we can buy it for you... With our custom creative content and ad buying services, it's like you have your own advertising agency, but at a fraction of the usual cost!
Use TV to reach homeowners in your immediate market

This exclusive license system gives your pest control business many clear advantages:

Prestige: Your presence on television instantly establishes you as the leader in your local market. With your exclusive territory, you become the only pest control business with the right to air this commercial content within your market.

Visibility: When you run your spots on local TV, your commercial can appear within the favorite programs watched by your prospective customers, such as news, sports, and movies. And, if you air the half-hour show, it catches viewers as they search from one channel to the next. Plus, we host an online version of your show, so that you can reference the show link in your other promotions, and viewers can watch your show at any time via the Internet.

Cross-Promotion: Include links to the commercials in your print ads, mailers, billboards, and on your web site. This shows your potential customers that you are the leader in the local market and have provided the half-hour "How to Pest Proof Your Home" program as a community service.

Qualified Leads: Due to the half-hour program length of the infomercial, your prospects are better educated and view you as an expert when they contact you.

Cost Effective: Minute-for-minute, the long-format half-hour air time is extremely cost effective. And, with the 30-second or 60-second spots, there are many new ways now to buy advertising on a per-view basis, where you target viewers within specific geographic areas.
Don't delay! Lock up the exclusive right to your market territory before one of your competitors gets it... Contact us to find out if your territory is available and to get more information about available air time in your market. Also see how we will customize the commercials for your business. You will be surprised how easy (and affordable) it will be for you to start promoting your pest control business on TV.

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